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smt pallets, carriers, fixturesI-Source Technical Services designs and fabricates a full range of custom SMT pallets, carriers and fixtures for the manufacturing of electronic assemblies.

All of our SMT pallets, carriers and fixtures are made from either Durastone or Durapole. These specially-made composite materials are electrostatic-neutral, able to withstand chemicals and the repeated thermal cycles of manufacturing.

Options Include:

  • SMT-Pallets-I-Source-Technical-Services,-Inc.Fast-Turn Custom SMT Pallets
  • Conformal Coating Fixture
  • Press-Fit Fixture
  • Wave Solder Pallets
  • Back Plates + More

Get Expert Technical Advice

Technical consultation with our staff engineers is always provided at no extra charge. All custom fixtures and tooling are designed by our CNC programming engineers and manufactured on site at our Orange County, California facility. If your facility is located within about 100 miles of ours, we can pick up your circuit board to facilitate the design process.

Need help solving a problem in your manufacturing line?

Our engineers can also come out to your shop to see what’s happening and provide recommendations regarding how the process can be altered in order to solve the problem.

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