A Cost Effective Way to Speed Up the Manufacturing Inspection Process

Make it Easy to Catch Errors

With an accurate SMT inspection template, your operators will be able to quickly and safely check your assemblies for correct component placement, polarity and more.

Dramatically Reduce Scrapped Assemblies

SMT Inspection Template I-Source Technical Services, Inc.Much faster than visual inspection alone, an SMT inspection template will guide your operator’s eyes to specific locations on the board.

Each I-Source ESD inspection template is fabricated on one of our CO2 laser machines and:

  • Available Quickly – Allow just a few days for design and one day for production.
  • Permanently Anti-Static – Made of thin gauge ESD plastic, which is also dimensionally stable and provides excellent wear.
  • Clearly Labeled – By client name, assembly number and revision, date of fabrication, I-Source job number, and any other information which you request, such as component reference designators or polarized component polarity indicators.

Material Specifications:


  • Made of Static Dissipative Plastic – thin gauge, extruded
  • Thicknesses of 0.030”, 0.040”, 0.060” and 0.070” are available
  • Non-Carbon Filled
  • Non-Migratory
  • Non-Humidity Dependent
  • Low Out-Gassing Values
  • Non-Soughing
  • Chemically Resistant

Ready to Order?

Use our SMT Inspection Template Order Form.

*Please be prepared to supply the following Gerber data files:

    1. Final Assembly Layer
    2. SMT Paste Layer
    3. Component Reference Designator Layer
    4. The PC Board/Panel Fabrication Drawing
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