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SMT-Laser-Cut-Stencils-I-Source-Technical-Services,-Inc.For SMT (Surface Mount Technology) electronics assembly, I-Source Technical Services custom fabricated stainless steel laser cut smt stencils with very high aperture and positional tolerances.

All laser cut SMT stencils are shipped on the same or next business day.

Laser cut smt stencils were the first product offered by I-Source when we opened for business over 20 years ago, and the product upon which we’ve built our reputation for fast turnaround, high quality, exceptional customer service and expert technical advice.

All Standard Configurations Are Available


From ultra fine pitch stencils to step up and step down manufacturing, thru-hole smt stencils, manual paste printing systems, micro and specialty templates, QTS frames and more.

All of our precision laser cut SMT stencils are electro-polished.

Additional Available Processes Include:

  • Micro-Etching – A unique chemical process developed at I-Source that creates a glass-like surface within the aperture wall, making it easier for the paste to go through. With this process we can manufacture stencils with a high aspect ratio.
  • Nano Coating – A chemical wipe that coats the stencil to:
    • SMT-Laser-Cut-Stencil-Prep-I-Source-Technical-Services,-Inc.Enhance paste release
    • Reduce cleaning frequency during the printing process
    • Provide better quality printing
  • EPR (Enhanced Paste Release) – Three options are available to create slick SMT stencils:
    • EPR 1 – The stencil is nano coated.
    • EPR 2 – The stencil apertures are micro-etched.
    • EPR 3 – The stencil is nano coated and micro-etched.

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**We can work with Gerber (274X format), DXF, GWK or HP-GL files.**

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