Custom Shadow Masks

Cutting-Edge Technology for Vapor Deposition Manufacturing

Custom Shadow Masks
I-Source Technical Services is one of the few precision laser micromachining specialists with a proven track record of success at the forefront of custom shadow mask technology.

Take Advantage of our Expertise

If you’re working on using vapor deposition to make OLEDs and other¬†organic circuitry, our engineers are available to provide technical advice in this area.

Smaller than metal masks made for solder paste printing, our custom shadow masks are typically made from stainless steel but are also available in nickel and other alloys. Although we recommend stainless steel for most applications because it holds up well to temperatures and most chemicals, we have experience fabricating shadow masks from other metals as well. Our capabilities allow thicknesses of .001″ ¬†and up with the smallest opening being 30 microns, the smallest space between openings being 35 microns and critical feature tolerance of +/- 10 microns.

  • We accept DWG, DXF, GERBER file formats
  • Scanning and Data creation services available
  • Typical turn time is 3 days
  • Free local delivery
  • Discounted shipping options
Our engineers are standing by at (877) 697-8362 to answer all of your questions.
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