Custom Laser and CNC Manufacturing

A Full Range of In-House Services To Meet Your Precision Laser and CNC Fabrication Needs

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Our custom Laser and CNC Manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Precision Laser MicromachiningCustom-Laser-and-cnc-manufacturing-I-Source-Technical-Services
    • Feature size: 50um and up
    • Material thickness: 25um and up
    • Tolerance: +/- 5um
  • CNC Milling and Manufacturing
    • Tight tolerance CNC machining
    • CNC prototyping
    • Multi axis machining
    • Welding
  • CO2 Laser Fabrication & EngravingI-Source-Technical-Services-Laser-Micromachining
    • ESD safe CO2 laser cut and marking
    • Rotary cutting and etching
    • Glass etching
    • Metal etching and engraving
    • Metal marking
    • Wood and plastic marking and scribing
    • Mylar templates
  • FinishingI-Source-Technical-Services-Expert-Technical-Advice
    • Chemical micro-etching
    • Nano coating
    • De-burring and electro polishing
    • Sand blasting
  • Expert Technical Advice
    • Included with all orders
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