Custom BGA Reballing Stencils & Systems

Everything You Need to Rework and Reball

An Easy & Effective Way to Save Money

With the high cost of BGAs, you can’t afford to scrap these out when something goes wrong with the board assembly. I-Source Technical Services offers two solutions for reballing your BGAs:

BGA or Micro BGA Reballing Kit

Custom designed and manufactured in-house for use with your specific chip, each self-contained kit includes everything you need to repair and reball BGA chips. Kits can be made 1-up to 4-up, can be reused indefinitely, and come with clear instructions so that even novices can use them successfully.


If your business is located near our Southern California plant, we can send one of our engineers to your facility to provide in-person training for your staff.

Each ESD-safe BGA Reballing Kit includes:

BGA Reballing

  • 1 Durostone Base
  • 1 Stainless Steel Flux Stencil
  • 1 Stainless Steel Ball Alignment Stencil
  • 1 Squeegee
  • Instructions

BGA Rework Stencil

For use in any of the various reballing rework stations available on the market, each BGA rework stencil is designed for your specific chip and reworking station.

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*Note: In order for I-Source to create your BGA reballing system or stencil you will need to supply us with the manufacturer’s chip specifications (i.e. mechanical drawings), the chip if possible, and the I-Source rework stencil order form.

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