CO2 Laser Fabrication,

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Fast Turn-Around on Co2 Laser Fabrication Plus Large Format & Rotary Capabilities

The Specialized Machinery to Get the Job Done

co2 laser fabricationOrganizations in a wide range of industries use the CO2 laser manufacturing process to cut parts out of non-metal materials and engrave on both metal and non-metal materials, such as for plastic fabrication and engraving.


Capabilities include:

  • C02-Laser-Fabrication-I-Source-Technical-Services,-Inc.1 business day turn-around – For cutting or engraving services.
  • Flat materials up to 36” x 48” – With tolerances plus or minus 0.005.
  • Round materials from ¼” to 8” in diameter – With tolerances plus or minus 0.005, using our rotary function.
  • Cutting non-metallic materials – Polycarbonate, Mylar, Ultem, specialty fabrics and more.
  • Engraving metal & non-metallic materials – Plastics, metals, wood and glass.

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