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I-Source-Technical-Services-Facilities-in-Southern-CaliforniaFor 23 years companies in the Electronics, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense industries have made I-Source Technical Services their go-to source for high precision laser and CNC manufacturing.

Now green Energy and LED back panel manufacturers are discovering I-Source, too.

Why? What Sets I-Source Apart From Other Custom Laser Fabrication And Machining Facilities?

Superior Technical Expertise
& Customer Service

I-Source’s Commitment to Quality Translates Into Many Benefits For You:


  • Expert Technical Advice – From analyzing your designs to troubleshooting your processes; I-Source can devise solutions for all of your manufacturing questions. We provide expert technical advice with every order placed.
  • Multilingual Engineers – Our customer service engineers and manufacturing team are fluent in English and Spanish and Vietnamese. Which means you’ll always be able to speak directly with someone who has the technical expertise to understand and address your manufacturing needs.
  • Lightning-Fast-Manufacturing-Solutions-I-Source-Technical-Services,-Inc Lightning Fast Turn-Around – Need it now? No problem. Laser cut parts are available within one business day, and are often completed same day. With local drivers and a number of expedited shipping options, no matter your location, we can get your items to you quickly.
  •  Exotic Materials Capabilities – While many laser and CNC manufacturers only work with stainless steel, aluminum and plastic, I-Source also works with a long list of exotic materials, including nitinol, beryllium copper, titanium, Durostone, Duropole, FR-4, delrin, acrylic, pomalux, molybdenum, invar, kovar, PEK, polycarbonate and glass.
  • Lumotics-Stencil-Cutter-I-Source-Technical-Services,-Inc

  • Unique Processes – Our  Enhanced Paste Release Solutions offer you various options for creating a cleaner, more efficient print.
  • Multiple Locations – Between our California facility and our 2 Mexico facilities, I-Source services 35 states and 7 different countries. No matter your location, we can provide you with top quality products, skilled service, and expert advice. We’re here to help you, wherever you are. 
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